Printed collateral by Watling Design llc


Chez Jacques 10th Anniversary collateral created by Keith Watling

10th Anniversary Chez Jacques Collateral

Among the many pieces used to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chez Jacques restaurant are these two pieces I created: a small vertical ad (left) and a 24" x 36" poster (right). The French tri-color, period typefaces and filigree background pull together to give a decidedly Gallic look.

Tamarack '11 Benefite Party Collateral designed by Keith Watling

Tamarack Waldorf School Theme Party Benefit Collateral

Each year Tamarack Waldorf School has a theme party to raise funds and create awareness. The theme for the 2011 party was the 70's. The school chose to mimic "That 70's Show" graphics. I created the theme header shown in a newsletter and a large 18' x 24' poster.

CD case designed by Ketih Watling

CD Jewel Case Insert For Dick Eliot Guitarist

A combination of a stock photo background and two photos I shot of Dick blended together in Photoshop formed the cover of the jewel case. The back title display used another photo I shot of his prized jazz guitar.

Chez Jacques Happy Hour Collateral

Chez Jacques Happy Hour Collateral designed by Keith Watling

Additional pieces that I created to promote Chez Jacques new Happy Hour promotion included a small vertical color print ad and a black & white hand bill. The design is a spinoff of other collateral using the filigree blue background, French tri-colors and a photo of a wine glass shot on the premises.

Dursban Cockroach Pop-Up ad designed by Keith Watling

The Cockroach that ate Brooklyn

To promote the advantages of using CCI method of cockroach control, I created this dimensional pop-out ad to hightlight that using the competitions product can create problems of unusual proportions.
This ad was the work of several talented people. The ad began as a cartoon that I drew. Joanie, a model maker created a rather large cockroach out of wood, paper clips, acetate and nail polish. Joanie also created a model of Brooklyn out of foam core and paper. The man in the foregraound is a real person. The two models were photographed by Joe Beauchamp who used his incredible sense of lighting to help create the eerie effect.

Promotional Mailer for Rockwell International created by Keith Watling

Promotional mailer for
Rockwell International Aerospace

This is a motivational piece to promote Rockwell at the Paris air show. It was a give-away to a select few. The theme for the piece "Direction" was used in an ad campaign. The idea of a compass was chosen by the creative director. I was given a grainy black and white photo of an over 300 year-old Ming dynasty compass and from this I created all the pieces including the compass itself.
I researched references to the compass from all over the US and found what I needed at the University of Chicago at Hyde Park. In their oriental library I found a book illustrating many compasses including the one I needed. From that illustration, I produced a line drawing. A belt buckle manufacturer produced the final compass.
The piece includes the compass, box, and brochure

Native American Flute Kit created by Keith Watling

Native American Flute Kit

Hal Kacanek a music educator wanted to sell his plastic Native American flute kit in museum stores and the similar sites. He contacted me with his idea. He wanted something more than just a plastic bag. The kit consisted of the flute, music book, paint, brushes and instructions on how to decorate the flute like the Native Americans did.
I designed a box with motifs from the Lakota tribes using beadwork borders and simple graphics. I wanted to generate an interesting look for this piece to help it compete. The brochure and the instruction sheet are also my design. They all fit nicely into the box and created an exciting presentation.