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Logo Designs by Watling Design llc

Groskopf & Benkowski Logo designed by Keith Watling

Groskopf Benkowski

When Benkowski and Groskopf decided to merge their services a new logo was in order. The new logo shows a merger of the past and present with the use of the embellished ampersand and the modern sans serif typeface for the byline

By The Light Of The Moon Logo designed by Keith Watling

By the Light of the Moon

When my wife became partners with Terry Mahoney who owned the store called "By the Light of the Moon" they wanted a new logo to promote the business. Their store sold books, recordings, clothing, jewelry, soaps, lotions, and many other products for women. The store also promoted women's issues, coming of age, and served as a meeting place for women.
This logo is a composite of a photo I took of my wife, photos of clouds and a lot of Photoshop magic to achieve its distinctive look. It seeks to portray the mystery of womanhood and its relationship to the cycles of the moon.

Creative Cache Logo designed by Keith Watling

Creative Cache

When you mix creativity and computers you get creative cache. Joe Beauchamp accomplished this when he combined his exceptional photographic abilities with the computer to create a new reality. His studio became a "virtual studio" where he could mix impossible lighting techniques with photographic imagery to enhance product illustrations and to invent entire sets on the computer.
I created the basic design with a mixture of letterforms. Joe imported them into his computer where he gave them 3 dimensions and the light and shadow effects of a late afternoon.

Dolphin Spirit Logo designed by Keith Watling

Dolphin Spirit

Louisa a jewelry maker hire me to create a logo for her business that would appear on business cards, letterhead, signs, etc. She wanted to use two dolphins with the name you see on the logo.
I created a sketch that I scanned and created the dolphins and their background in Illustrator. The type was also created in Illustrator and the whole thing then brought into Photoshop for some shadows and touch-up.

Wendy Watling Mortgage Consoltant

Wendy Watling Mortgage Consultant

As you might guess this mark is for my sister the Mortgage Consultant. Her business is freelance and deals with the business to business side of mortgage acquisition. She was hired by large firms to travel to various locations around the country to examine mortgage documentation before an investment company would acquire the mortgages.
I focused on the "home sweet home" graphic to give the idea of comfort and reliability.

Living Arts High School Logo designed by Keith Watling

Living Arts High School

I was approached by a friend to design a new logo for the emerging Waldorf High School in urban Milwaukee. I immersed myself in their culture and, with the experience of my daughter's education in Waldorf School came up with this pleasing as well as symbolic logo.
One of my earlier designs used the Frank Lloyd Wright type face used for the signature on this image. It was incorporated into the final design to reaffirm the roots of the school in the Midwest.

Topcat Logo designed by Keith Watling


This is the logo for a novelty t-shirt company that features one-of-a-kind imprints created by local artists to capture various moods. The image is meant to look like a favorite tattoo of the company's owner.

ViZon Solutions logo designed by Keith Watling

ViZon Solutions

The logo I created for ViZon Solutions appropriately reflect this new investment consulting company's world-wide scope.

Logo for J. Hale Music designed by Keith Watling

J. Hale Music

This logo marks the transition of my good friend Jeff Hale from online guitar store owner to a upscale brick and mortar businessman. Jeff spent many years as an engineer with Eaton and dreamed of having a business related to his first love music. Jeff is an accomplished Jazz musician who not only plays the saxophone, and clarinet but is a talented Jazz guitarist as well.
Jeff started his online store about five years ago to sell high-end Jazz guitars. It has grown into a "real" store located in Hartland, Wisconsin. Jeff carries all the top of the line archtop guitars as well as many other instruments and accessories. He has found a niche for himself in this competitive business that keeps growing everyday.
The logo I created for him portrays his store as a class-act that reflects his stellar inventory.