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Gibson Print Ad

Gibson Guitars

This is a speculative ad for a possible ad campaign for Gibson Guitars. The ad features a beauty shot of a 1937 Gibson L-7 which has a story that is featured in the body copy of the ad. The ad celebrates the longevity of the company and its over 100 years in business.
The headline "Only A Gibson" is taken from an ad campaign which ran in the early 1900's. It became a tag line for Gibson and I thought it was appropriate to revive it.
The photo was shot by Scott Lanza and I am the model.

Chez Jacques 414Magazine Ad

Chez Jacques Ad in 414 Magazine

To enhance the restaurants visibility in the fashion world Chez Jacques took out an ad in 414 Magazine, a local fashion publication. The photo was executed by me including post photo enhancement/retouching. The client wanted a vintage look for the photo, with a kind of '50s Technicolor movie color palette. After the photo was taken its color was manipulated to achieve this effect.

Riverwest Yogashala small space ads

Riverwest Yogashala Small Space Ads

To promote the yoga studio in small local newspapers, I produced a series of ads with the unifying theme showing poses by the instructors. The ads were done in black & white as a horizontal and vertical 1/8th page.

J. Hale Music Merchandise Ad

J. Hale Music Merchandise Ads

Jeff decided to run a series of ads for his stock of upscale jazz guitars in a black & white publication dedicated to jazz guitar. The ad helped garner recognition for his store in the United States as well as the rest of the world. The ad features the line of jazz guitars from D'Angelico that J. Hale Music carries.

Tordon 22k Sumo Ad

Tordon 22K Sumo Ad

To illustrate the towering advantage the product had in the field over other similar products I chose the towering size of the left sumo compared to the right as my visual metaphor. It was my concept and duty to execute this idea on film using real-like models and props. Dr. Toro Tanaka's immeasurable help made this photo come together with the skilled photography of Bill Robbins.

Grazon P+D Elephants in your pasture ad

Grazon P+D Elephants In The Pasture Ad

This ad is a tough-in-cheek response to the headline chosen for Grazon P+D, a range and pasture broad leaf herbicide. If you can produce more hay you will have an advantage with more feed for your herd. More feed, larger herds and to bring that point home, elephants in your pasture. It was two photos shot in close locations and skillfully married together. I conceived and art directed the entire piece. I even had scratches on my thighs from riding the matriarch of the all female herd.

Trane Dinosaur Ad

Trane Dinosaur Ad

During the change over from older refrigerants to the more modern and less polluting products, there were a large number of buildings that still had old systems needing a retro-fit to meet the new laws. I illustrated the problem with a dinosaur.

Dursban TC Value Ad

Dursban TC Value Ad

For this ad I was given the copy writer's concept and asked to portray the product as a valuable commodity that has equity the same as stocks, gold and bank accounts. I used an exceptional on-camera photo technique to show the product along with the valuables in a dream like reality with veils of color and richness. The ad became a direct mail piece and added to the brand awareness of this already popular product.
The photo was taken by Scott Rittenior and the gold supplied by the U.S. Treasury.

Curtail Brings more to the table Ad

Curtail Bring More to the Table Ad

This ad was born from inking the concept of "bringing more to the table" to the wheat producers of American.
I painted a picture of abundance using the marvelous talents of Dick Baker and a photo technique called light painting.
Wheat ready for harvest is so beautiful in and of itself, that we couldn't help but produce this wonderful photograph.